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    Over the last six years, we’ve worked with 200+  financial institutions to tackle the regulatory compliance problem.

    The result is The Compliance Core.  A unique blend of planning, insight, assurance and technology in one solution, with one subscription.

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    The cost of compliance for community financial institutions is increasing every minute – and so are the risks. How can you stop it? With Continuity.

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    Continuity’s Compliance Core™ is endorsed by the ICBA to tackle today’s regulatory compliance challenges head on.

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"I need to get my hands around compliance. I think I know my level of risk, but I'm not certain.  Are there regulatory changes out there I'm not aware of?  I have plans for my bank; reducing compliance effort helps me achieve them."

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"I can’t keep up with the pace of regulatory change.  It’s beyond the point where I can effectively manage compliance.  I need visibility, I need a safety net, and I want to be empowered to really manage compliance." 

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"With Continuity, our entire process is much more efficient, which benefits the whole organization and enables me to refocus the time I used to spend on researching regulatory changes and administering tasks to more strategic planning and process improvements.”


Juan Carlos Campos

Bellco Credit Union

General Counsel and Compliance Officer

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“With everything automated, I’m now fully confident that we are keeping  up with compliance; and with access to Continuity’s regulatory experts and compliance strategists, we feel like we have a whole compliance team instead of having to rely on a single compliance officer.”


Robert Hemsath

Security First Bank



“When we were looking for a compliance management platform, Continuity was completely different than any other system out there. It’s more understandable and provides a real process to manage risk versus just a grid that assesses or reports risk. And the regulatory alerts and RegAdvisor Webcasts give us the confidence that we won’t be blindsided when regulatory changes come up.”


Sarah Scott

Bank of the Sierra

Senior Vice President/Risk Management


“Compliance is here to stay, and it’s only going to get bigger. After conducting exhaustive due diligence, our executive team felt conident that Continuity is a smart solution which enables our bank to be proactive in keeping up with the regulatory changes while controlling our compliance costs.” 


Mike Copeland

The Fairfield National Bank



“Early on, Continuity helped our bank manage compliance efficiently as a smaller bank. Now the platform and regulatory experts are playing an integral part in supporting our organization as we grow through acquisitions. Continuity has proven that automating compliance is not only possible, but a huge business benefit.”


Ray Altmix

First Southern Bank



“Two years later, we’re still seeing areas to expand our use of Continuity. The biggest benefit to date is freeing 80 percent of our compliance officer’s time to focus her talents and skills on risk management and proactive compliance monitoring throughout the bank. It’s a much broader and more valuable use of her time.”

Amy Brock

Bank of the Pacific

VP of Internal Audit


ICBA Preferred Service Provider
Alabama Bankers Endorsed Service Provider
Arkansas Community Bankers Association Preferred Solutions Provider
Community Bankers Association of Illinois Preferred Service Provider
Indiana Bankers Association Preferred Service Provider
Community Bankers Association of Georgia Endorsed Member Company
Western Independent Bankers Endorsed Provider
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Independent Bankers Association of New York State Preferred Provider
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