An easy-to-use, flexible vendor management solution designed with your CMS in mind.


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 Select Vendors

  • Evaluate potential vendors
  • Perform new vendor due diligence
  • Review new vendor contracts 

Assess Risk

  • Perform periodic risk assessment for significant vendors
  • Run executive summaries and detailed reports
  • Store and manage due diligence documents

Manage Contracts

  • Schedule and review existing contracts
  • Oversee a central contract repository
  • Get contract expiration alerts
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  • Centralized repository for all 3rd party records and documentationAutomated to save time and ensure nothing is overlooked
  • Clearly defined vendor and contract ownership 
  • Easy-to-follow workflows walk you through all vendor activities
  • Detailed and summary reports make information easily accessible 
  • Automated notifications avoid unwanted auto renewals


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