“The burden on community banks especially is insurmountable, it feels like. Having a partner to help you climb that mountain is just invaluable.”

-Morgan Beck,
Senior Accountant and Compliance Officer

Security Bank




"There's never any ever doubt there are people behind the technology, that it is completely driven by people. Yes, it is software, it is automated, but you also know you are dealing with people behind all that."

-Kari Book,
HR, Marketing and Compliance

Fairfield National Bank


Bank and Credit Union CEOs around the country are talking about how compliance automation with Continuity is lowering cost and risk, and helping them get back to the business of banking. Watch this short video to learn why.

First National Bank of Durango


Listen to a collection of our Compliance Officer clients around the country talking about how compliance automation with Continuity has changed how they look at and manage compliance. It's no longer mundane and tedious. It's easier, more transparent and much easier to manage. Take a look.



Continuity helps us maintain our compliance standards by giving us a system and a process that community banks generally don’t have the resources to put in place themselves.

If you can attach something to an email, you can work in Continuity. It’s that easy.” 

-Stephanie Fox,
Compliance Manager

First National Bank of Durango


The amount I don’t have to do now is incredible!

-Rose Murphy,
Controller & BSA Compliance Officer

Atlantic Regional Federal 

Credit Union