Put Risk In Its Place with RiskAdvisor

Provides the tools and knowledge needed to manage risk with speed and ease.



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  • 360-Degree View - Easily analyze risk from multiple perspectives: subjects, silo, COSO, or risk inventory.
  • Built in Expertise - Rate risk with 4,000+ pre-identified key risk indicators tied to 150+ risk assessments.
  • Reach Conclusions - Create an audit-friendly trail of how you arrived at risk numbers right in the application. 


  • Risk Dashboard - Find your financial institution's highest risk areas with one quick glance at our intuitive dashboard.
  • Instant Reports - Create comprehensive, up-to-date reports for board meetings or regulators in minutes.
  • Unite Silos - Bring risk data from the entire institution together in one streamlined format and location.
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Rate, analyze and mitigate risk with a simple uniform approach:

  • Simplify Risk Rating - All your risk data in one place and one format with accurate processing for calculating residual risk.
  • Quarterly Training - Automatically tracks risk trends and changes over time.
  • Board and Regulator Ready - Instantly creates reports your board actually reads.