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White Papers

In-depth Reports and Guides on ERM & CMS Issues Affecting the Financial Services Industry.

Building a Better Compliance Management System

Financial institution (FI) adherence to regulatory expectations for a compliance management system (CMS) is strictly up to the FI when deciding how to implement their compliance program. Based on regulatory guidance, this white paper explains the six key objectives of an effective CMS.

Vendor Management Compliance

The volume of outsourced products and services that community financial institutions utilize is continuing to increase every year. As institutions increasingly rely on outside vendors, financial & reputational risk also increase. This white paper presents guidance on vendor information gathering, assessing vendor contracts and effective monitoring and mitigation of vendor risk.

Building a Compliance Culture White Paper

Examiners and regulators expect community banks and credit unions to demonstrate that they have created a strong culture of compliance. Why? Because they believe financial institutions that have failed to make compliance ingrained in their business processes are at great RISK of non-compliance.

Board Oversight White Paper

Examiners are placing extra emphasis on the board of directors' role in regulatory compliance – in particular the state of community financial institutions compliance oversight programs.

Building an Effective Compliance Scorecard for Your Financial Institution

Most community financial institutions do not have an effective way to report the status of compliance, monitor progress and audit procedures. Learn how to build a Compliance Scorecard to fill this gap.