Deploy our Technology to Save Time, Reduce Cost & Risk

Control Your Risk & Compliance Management Strategy with Continuity.

Our risk and compliance management software is designed to make the tasks of risk and compliance a seamless part of how your financial institution does business. Continuity's central source of control works across all your disparate systems to reliably simplify every step of your regulatory processes. Our technology suite automates your ERM and CMS systems, lifting the risk and compliance burden to allow you to work smarter and faster. By consolidated your efforts your institution can improve its bottom line by saving time, money and resources, while reducing risk. Our platform works together or as a unified ERM & CMS solution, or modules can be added as needed. Our secure, cost-effective cloud-based software is easy to use. Deployment is fast and seamless. And because its cloud-based, there are no pricey upgrades, maintenance or additional surprise costs in the future.  

Turnkey analysis, summary and notification of new regulatory changes. Recommends proactive steps for compliance. Saves time and money. Ensures accuracy. Users see immediate value. Facilitates measurements

Reduce risk and increase confidence by consolidating the management of all federal and state regulatory changes in one place. Lower chances of missing important updates by receiving alerts for issuances from subscribes states.

Provides built-in expertise with 4,000+ pre-identified key risk indicators tied to 150+ risk assessments to identify & monitor your current risk levels.

Allows banks to build their own compliance controls. Compliances tailored to the needs of each bank. Flexible product is a great companion to other Continuity products.

Role-based, ongoing maintenance and reminders of regulations. Over 500 rebuilt controls. Seamless transition of company knowledge. Reflects changes, adjusts work flow as needed. Prompts compliance officers on what needs to happend and when.

The entire life-cycle of vendor management is engineered into our technology from risk assessment to contract review. Reduces risk exposure for 3rd party vendors. Eliminates the need for high-prices outsourcing and consulting fees.