Offering our best products to the market

No one knows better than an examiner how messy compliance can get.

With many institutions still relying on an outdated, ad hoc approaches to compliance management, examiners are often left with the daunting task of untangling a chaotic collection of files to understand what’s going on.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Continuity, the leader in RegTech, has developed the industry’s first and only Unified Compliance Management System.

Taking the Burden Out of Compliance—
For Institutions and Examiners

Through a combination of technology, expertise, and leadership, Continuity reliably simplifies every step of compliance management. From risk assessments and policies and procedures to audit trails and monitoring, Continuity ensures that its clients are up-to-date with regulations and know exactly where they are in the compliance process.


Regulatory Experts Lead the Way

Our Regulatory Operations Center® alerts our team to every new issuance so we can analyze it and develop recommended implementation plans and workflows for clients.

Secure, Reliable Technology

Continuity’s cloud-based platform centralizes compliance so that examiners see the same results no matter which office or branch they are in.

Reduces Human Error with Automation

Our two flagship products RegAdvisor® Pro and RegControls™ ensure nothing gets lost on the path from regulation to execution.


Real-Time Answers to Detailed and Big Picture Questions

Continuity gives examiners the ability to ask questions and quickly find answers. Real-time monitoring and reports make it easy to share information efficiently.

Addresses Weaknesses Quickly

Monitoring and audit corrective action tracking help institutions self-identify and correct problems before they get worse.

Consistent Output Streamlines Exams

Forget about learning a new system for each institution. Our platform integrates every component of the CMS making it easy to generate reports that align with any assessment criteria.