Behind every great technology, there is a remarkable team of people.


Michael Nicastro
Chief Executive Officer & Board Member

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."
- Steve Jobs

Alan Hurwitz
Chief Financial Officer

“Being a CFO of a growth stage company is immensely rewarding. It’s great fun to support the entire Continuity team in finding new and innovative ways to build value for our clients and profitability for our investors. The approach is simple. Most importantly, build trust by doing what we say we’re going to do. Then seek to clearly understand what results we are trying to achieve, stay focused on them as we build, and find the win/win."

David Bagley
EVP, Chief Revenue Officer

“If you're not taking care of your customer your competitor will."
- Hooey

Pam Perdue
EVP, Chief Regulatory Officer

"Regulatory challenges present opportunities to transform a financial institution for the better—in ways that extend beyond the walls of the compliance department. They inspire us to find better and more efficient ways of doing business."

Alexandra Ramin
Chief Product & Marketing Officer

 "It takes a strong team to build a valuable product. Listen, test and keep it simple."

Joel Nimety
SVP, Chief Infrastructure Officer

"Regulatory requirements are constantly changing. Through technology and continuous delivery, we aim to deliver a platform that evolves with those changes to support our clients."

Derek Yankoff
Chief Strategy Officer
"NO vs KNOW - Risk informs strategy.  It's the role of risk and compliance to "know" the strategic growth plans and ensure the organization can say "yes" with a commanding knowledge of what yes means."
Board of Directors
Andy Greenawalt
Chairman of the Board
Rick Vandevenne
Director, River Cities Capital Fund
Peter Longo
Senior Managing Director at Connecticut Innovations
Howard Pitkin
Former Connecticut Commissioner of Banking