Risk & Compliance Solutions for Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Companies & FinTech Firms.

Industries Served

As the complexity of managing risk and compliance continues to escalate, Continuity's product suite continues to expand to meet the challenges faced by banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and fintech firms. Continuity paved the way as a first-mover in the world of automating compliance management and now we've become the first provider to connect the strategic aspects of enterprise risk management (ERM) to the tactical oversight of compliance management on a unified platform. This helps financial organizations of all sizes to create an environment where risk can be understood and identified, then measured and monitored in real time, to act on it when it needs to be contained.

Dynamic risk management and mitigation: Be prepared for change.

Here's what we know, having looked back at the last several years of economic trends: It's never if  there's going to be a downturn. Instead it's always when is there going to be a downturn; where is it going to strike; and who is it going to affect. At Continuity, we help a growing list of industries respond to these winds of change because we know that business and the economy move in cycles.

Our Enterpise Risk & Compliance Management solutions are exclusively tailored for:

We deliver regulatory risk and compliance software that is easily deployed for a quick return on your technology investment. Our platform simplifies the process of risk and compliance management, which allows you to focus more attention on achieving your broader strategic goals.