Continuity’s CEO Provides Update to Clients

Valued Continuity Clients & Stakeholders:  As this COVID-19 pandemic scenario continues to unfold I wanted to provide you all with a quick update from your trusted Compliance & Risk Management technology provider. In alignment with our name, Continuity has been functioning in a pandemic operating mode for more than two weeks now.  Our entire staff is operating on […]

A Message from Continuity’s CEO

Greetings to all Continuity Clients: First and foremost I want to thank you again for the continued support and collaborative relationship with Continuity and our team over the years. You are our most important stakeholders and your success is our success. My guess is that you have been inundated with email and social media regarding […]

How do I Implement ERM?

Derek Yankoff, Chief Strategy Officer What does ERM do, actually? Defines and assigns Risk Values (i.e., Inherent Risk, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Annual Rates of Occurrence, Annual Loss Expectancy, Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance, and Audit Frequency) for every Subject to be assessed. Provides ‘use cases’ that give context to the Subjects to be assessed by risk owners […]

Don’t Confuse a Control Risk Assessment with an Enterprise Risk Assessment

Derek Yankoff, Chief Strategy Officer In managing the internal audit function, the institution’s Audit Committee is responsible for commissioning a Control (or “Auditor’s”) Risk Assessment, developing audit plans and the overseeing the execution of the audit program. A Control Risk Assessment documents the internal auditor’s or outsourced audit service provider’s understanding of the institution’s significant […]