Continuity Expands Risk Focused Vendor Management Offering with the Addition of VendorRisk Product Line. Learn More.
   Continuity Expands Risk Focused Vendor Management Offering with the Addition of VendorRisk Product Line. Learn More.

Risk & Compliance Technology for Clients in the Financial Services Market.

Clients & Testimonials: Your Success is our Goal.

Continuity's risk and compliance product suite continues to expand to meet the challenges faced by banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and fintech firms. We help our clients create an environment where risk can be understood and identified, then measured and monitored in real time, to act on it when it needs to be contained. We serve a growing list of industries and clients across the U.S. See what they have to say about our company and our risk and compliance solutions.

JoAnn Call

AVP, Compliance Officer at First National Bank of Germantown

"When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, I was the only person mandated to work from home because I was equipped with Continuity’s regulatory technology. Their platform enabled us to seamlessly continue operations through this crisis. I was able to set up users, create roles and update internal policies, all while sheltering in place. Because RegAdvisor Pro is cloud based, we were able to deploy the technology immediately. Within one weekend, my team was set up. Now we can access vital, real time information and regulatory intelligence, across departments. This allows us to make urgent decisions as we deal with the immediacy of this national state of emergency. Their technology has provided a lifeline to our bank, as this crisis continues to unfold."

Olivia Leach

Compliance Officer at Affinity

At Affinity Federal Credit Union, we realize that the more compliant we are, the better we can serve our members. Continuity’s technology takes the guess work out of compliance by helping us to easily determine how regulations impact us, and then supporting associated implementation and training actions. The platform assigns different tasks to the appropriate employee, boosting accountability and transparency of the overall compliance management process.

Steven C. Bush

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer for Apple Bank

Strong and effective corporate governance continues to be a top priority for Apple Bank, and compliance management is a critical component. Continuity’s solution is comprehensive and provides the automation, regulatory updates, and customized tracking, monitoring and data organization tools we need for effective compliance management. We look forward to a strong and enduring partnership with Continuity to meet our regulatory requirements.

Nancy Smith

Chief Compliance Officer of First Foundation Bank

As our bank continues to expand, we understood that we would need to move beyond relying on spreadsheets and manual processes for compliance management. Continuity’s advanced, automated platform allows us to boost speed and ease of our compliance management, enabling our staff to focus less on tedious manual tasks and more on meaningful customer service and strategic growth-oriented activities.