Continuity Expands Risk Focused Vendor Management Offering with the Addition of VendorRisk Product Line. Learn More.
   Continuity Expands Risk Focused Vendor Management Offering with the Addition of VendorRisk Product Line. Learn More.

Ensure Accuracy in your Compliance Management System. 

RegAdvisor State: Summary and Notification of New Regulatory Changes for All 50 States. 

RegAdvisor State provides a feed of regulatory change alerts that are issued by each state and Washington D.C. Combined with our complementary product RegAdvisor Pro, now you can track your implementation steps, through a single interface, to consolidate your federal and state compliance process in one place. This ensures accuracy and also saves time and resources, freeing up staff to focus their attention on higher value activities for your financial organization. 

How It Works

You choose the states you need to monitor, RegAdvisor State sends you the necessary regulatory alerts so you can determine which changes are applicable and assign the implementation tasks that need to take place. Our cloud-based technology is user friendly and secure. Deployment is fast and easy for seamless implementation. 

RegAdvisor State


  • Receive regulatory notifications for all 50 states and DC as proposed and final rules are issued.

  • Delivers content identical to what is issued by your state regulatory agency.

  • Consistent reporting on regulatory changes and implementation management for Federal and State.

  • Provide analysis and notes on regulatory changes as implementation tasks are assigned.

  • Easily dismiss notifications and include comments for issuances that aren't applicable to your organization.


  • Saves time by removing the need to monitor and track states separately using spreadsheets or other tools.

  • Creates consistency in how Federal and State regulatory changes are managed for ease in reporting.

  • Reduces the risk of missing important updates for proposed or new regulatory issuances for each state.

  • Consolidates the management of regulatory change efforts in a single platform through the RegAdvisor Dashboard.

  • Ensures that you are receiving all alerts related to banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and FinTech firms. 

Get a glimpse of RegAdvisor State.

RegAdvisor State Dashboard

Consolidate federal and state regulatory notifications and implementations through a single platform to reduce the risk of missing important updates.

RegAdvisor State Settings

As a complement to RegAdvisor Pro, easily choose which states you would like to receive alerts for and assign ownership for the states subscribed to.