Continuity Expands Risk Focused Vendor Management Offering with the Addition of VendorRisk Product Line. Learn More.
   Continuity Expands Risk Focused Vendor Management Offering with the Addition of VendorRisk Product Line. Learn More.

Maintain Regulatory Controls Across your Financial Institution.

RegControls: Over 500 Pre-built Compliance Procedures for Real-time Compliance Management.

RegControls provides hundreds of pre-built controls to help you manage your compliance process. All controls are kept up to date by our Regulatory Operations Center. Our comprehensive procedures include consumer compliance, lending and deposit operations, Community Reinvestment Act, Fair Lending and many more. Instead of spending time worrying and maintaining regulatory controls yourself, Continuity does it for you, so your compliance officers know what needs to happen and when, to control your compliance process throughout your organization.

How It Works

We work with you to help you decide which regulatory controls are applicable to your financial organization, so you can activate just what you need. Since our technology is role based, it takes the worry out of staff turnover and reduces the risk of dropping assignments because everything is delegated based on roles, not individual employees. Vital compliance knowledge becomes your organization's corporate knowledge. With RegControls, you can also monitor and report on the completion status of your controls for each line of defense. Our cloud-based technology is user friendly and secure. Deployment is fast and easy for seamless implementation. 



  • Controls are kept up to date by our Regulatory Operations Center as regulations change.

  • 400+ controls across multiple exam areas including CRA, BSA/AML, IT, Safety & Soundness and more.

  • Pre-schedule controls and receive notifications and ToDos when it's time to complete them.

  • On demand controls can easily be started any time, as needed, for unscheduled tasks.

  • Controls built for each line of defense: assign to individuals or groups based on your corporate culture.


  • Increased confidence knowing that the controls are compliant every time you launch them.

  • From advertising review to HMDA, we have regulatory controls to reinforce your culture of compliance.

  • No relying on calendar reminders or spreadsheets to schedule controls completed regularly.

  • Assigned users can quickly and easily complete tasks as they come up during the course of business.

  • Controls are easy to track whether compliance management is centralized or decentralized.

Get a glimpse of RegControls.

Continuity Dashboard

The Continuity Dashboard houses all work for users that have received, but not yet completed. When logging in, users can easily see what is late and coming due. 

Continuity Controls

Continuity has hundreds of pre-built procedures to choose from, spanning dozens of program areas. Easily schedule and delegate tasks so nothing is overlooked.