Tailor your Compliance Controls to Meet your Business Needs.

ControlsBuilder: Build Compliance Controls with Confidence.

ControlsBuilder allows you to build your own custom Controls, tailored to your financial organization's business needs and unique requirements. Our technology ensures compliance with internal policies and procedures by creating accessible online Controls. The interface is a user-friendly, drag and drop system to help you design and build your Controls. ControlsBuilder allows you to consolidate your compliance work on a single platform — it's easy to maintain and use, it generates centralized reports and increases the accuracy of your compliance processes.

How It Works

You can custom design single or multi-step Controls based on the business needs of your financial organization. With ContolsBuilder you can pre-assign tasks to individuals or groups that can be automatically distributed throughout your business. Our cloud-based technology is user friendly and secure. Deployment is fast and easy for seamless implementation. 



  • Easy-to-use, drag and drop interface.

  • Select pre-built form fields like text fields, radio buttons, drop-down menus, file uploads and more.

  • Create multi-step Controls that can be automatically distributed based on completion of the prior step.

  • Pre-assign tasks to individuals or groups: quickly re-assign and reschedule as needed.

  • Advanced controls building functionality using  custom HTML and Javascript allow for greater flexibility in customizing Controls.


  • Ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures by creating accessible online Controls.

  • Create a culture of compliance by creating Controls that can be distributed throughout the organization and reported on centrally. 

  • Build controls based on your organization's business needs tailored to your unique requirements.

  • See instantly which tasks have been completed in a timely manner and where your vulnerabilities may lie.

  • Improve reporting activities by standardizing output and delivery of key information.

Get a glimpse of ControlsBuilder.

ControlsBuilder New Control

Easily build custom Controls tailored to your organizations unique procedures. Pre-assign tasks to individuals or groups, and create multi-step Controls that are triggered at the completion of a prior ToDo.

ControlsBuilder Form

Continuity's drag and drop interface makes it easy to create Controls, and modify procedures as they change over time. Pick from a number of pre-built form fields to customize your Control.