Increase Your Risk IQ with our ERM Technology.

RiskAdvisor: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Technology.

RiskAdvisor helps your financial organization identify, measure, monitor and control risk. Our ERM software increases your Risk IQ to proactively address and communicate risks across your organization. It's an integrated, innovative approach, not a mechanical process. From an operational and holistic standpoint, it’s about how risk informs management with meaningful risk data to enable decision making to grow your organization and reduce costs — while taking your tolerance for risk into consideration, to strike the right strategic balance.

How It Works

RiskAdvisor provides both a qualitative and quantitative process to rate, analyze and mitigate risk using a simple uniform approach. Our technology provides built in expertise with over 4,000 pre-identified key risk indicators tied to over 150 risk assessments to measure and monitor your current risks. RiskAdvisor brings all risk assessments into one dashboard to simplify and aggregate your data to produce meaningful and comprehensive reports. Our cloud-based technology is user friendly and secure. Deployment is fast and easy for seamless implementation. 



  • RiskAdvisor provides you a clear overview of your highest risk areas with our intuitive dashboard.

  • Over 4,000 pre-identified key risk indicators tied to over 150 risk assessments.

  • Generate hundreds of easy to comprehend reports for management, the board and regulators.

  • Pre-built procedures for risk assessment review, updates, credible challenges and certification.
  • Quarterly trending helps you automatically track risk trends and changes over time.

  • Fast deployment: 30 to 45 days compared with 18 to 24 months for non-cloud based technology.


  • Simplify your risk rating and reduce time spent mitigating risk.

  • Own your Risk IQ: Our cost-effective technology enables you to perform work in-house rather than pay others to do it for you.

  • 360-Degree View to easily analyze risk from multiple perspectives: product, service, functional areas, COSO integrated framework and risk inventory.

  • Reach valid conclusions: Create a regulator-friendly audit of how you arrived at risk ratings right in the application. 

  • Reduce your risk of missing something, misinterpreting things, mishandling work or misplacing things because everything's in one place.

Get a glimpse of RiskAdvisor.

RiskAdvisor KRI

Identify the highest risk areas at a glance: Over 4,000 pre-identified key risk indicators tied to over 150 risk assessments.

RiskAdvisor Reports

Quickly generate summary and detail reports to ensure your organization understands your risk environment.