Continuity Chooses CrossCheck Compliance LLC as Its Regulatory Compliance Consulting Partner Learn More.
   Continuity Chooses CrossCheck Compliance LLC as Its Regulatory Compliance Consulting Partner Learn More.

Dynamic Risk & Compliance Technology Designed for the Financial Services Market 

Industry Expertise

Continuity has established a new standard for how the financial services industry manages risk and compliance. Our unified platform is integrated to create a modern environment where risk can be understood, identified, then measured and monitored in real time so you can make adjustments on the fly when you need to control or contain it. This is how we define dynamic risk and compliance management.

Setting a new standard for banks, credit unions, mortgage companies & fintech firms

Continuity's integrated ERM and CMS platform links the intelligence of change management into your risk and compliance programs. This streamlines your regulatory processes so you can focus on the work of your financial organization to reap the following benefits.

Accountability | Performance
Our Enterprise Risk Management ERM solution provides built-in expertise with 4,000+ pre-identified key risk indicators tied to 150+ risk assessments to comprehensively identify & assess your current risk levels. With our compliance technology you can monitor and contain risk — and every action is visible to drive accountability and performance without an excess of human effort. Gone are the days of having to prepare reports when you can simply compile and pull reports to get the information you need to be effective and completely compliant. 

Less Effort | Automation
If you’re getting Reg updates from a third party source or compiling them yourself, you know that getting that information is not enough. You need to have a system to consistently manage this burden. So you need a tracking system to follow your implementations through to their completion. Today, that’s not efficient if you’re not using technology as your primary tool to manage compliance.

Expertise | Efficiency
With Continuity, a company who has both the technology and industry expertise, it's now possible to deploy regulatory procedures and controls where regulatory changes mean, your partner Continuity, is making those updates, not your team.

Cost Benefit | Cost Control
Our risk and compliance management software is a cloud based solution. Once you install it, there are no upgrades, there’s no maintenance from your internal IT resources so there’s no added upkeep along the way and there’s no additional cost to your institution to have the most modern and effective risk and compliance processes. You pay one simple annual subscription fee, with no hidden agendas, regardless of how many regulations and changes Washington or your state regulators hurl at your financial institution: you pay the same price each year, during your contract term.

Easy Deployment | Quick Return on Investment
In 2020 and beyond, it's no longer acceptable to go through lengthy implementations that take 2 to 3 years. With Continuity, deployment is quick and easy to turn on, so you get a rapid return on your investment, right away. You use just what you need, when you need it. 

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