Streamline Your Risk & Compliance Processes to Drive Competitive Advantage


Continuity is a provider of regulatory technology (RegTech) solutions that automate risk and compliance management for the financial services industry. By combining regulatory expertise with cloud technology, Continuity provides a proven way to reduce your regulatory burden and mitigate risk at a fraction of the cost. Continuity’s solutions are designed to automate all aspects of risk and compliance management, including interpretation of regulatory issuances, intuitive task delegation, risk assessment and vendor management. We serve hundreds of institutions across the United States and its territories. Our Enterprise Risk Management Technology (ERM) and Compliance Management Systems (CMS) are tailored to meet the specific needs of banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and financial technology firms of all sizes.

Performance Counts: We drive a distinct competitive advantage for our clients.

Launched during the great recession, we know what it's like to operate in an economic downturn and during times of change. We've been around since 2008. Today, Continuity is the recognized RegTech leader. What’s unique about Continuity, is we're not just a technology provider. We’re supported by a team of industry experts from the banking, technology and regulatory arenas who have the know-how to constantly scan the landscape to understand:

  • What types of operational impacts regulatory change will have on your financial institution.
  • The latest enterprise risk management trends in the industry. 
  • How to deploy technology to save time and money (ROI) without increasing your risk exposure.

Our goal is to automate the tasks of risk and compliance to help your organization increase efficiencies, save money, reduce risk and grow your bottom line. 

Do You Need Us Now ?

That’s the million dollar question. In an atmosphere where budgets are likely to change, because change is a perpetual challenge, traditional risk and compliance management tools don’t suffice. You may need to think about deploying our technology sooner rather than later if you're organization has:

  • Had problems with exams in the past.
  • No formal risk or compliance assessment process at all.
  • Third party consulting costs that are sky high.
  • Missed opportunities by not calibrating the right degree of risk.
  • Operational red flags present in your organization.
  • Staff that can't keep up with the volume of change.
  • Difficulty delivering consistent board level reports.

Too much volume | Too fast? 

If you're experiencing increased regulatory volume and changes are coming at you faster than ever, this will affect your outcomes and the overall performance or your organization, if you don't take action.

  • There are over 15,200 unique regulatory requirements in place for banks and credit unions and they change more than 200 times a year.
  • Daily changes to the Federal requirements can affect your performance.
  • There are hundreds of risks to identify, measure and control.