Q2 2015 Enforcement Actions: How to Avoid Being the Next Victim of Increased Regulatory Scruitiny

August 13th 1:00 - 2:00PM (ET)

Regulatory scrutiny is at an all-time high and bankers everywhere are reporting that their exams are tougher than ever. In this session you’ll learn why. More importantly, you’ll learn the steps you can take now to insulate your bank against criticism from your regulators! 

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Q3 2015 Regulatory Compliance Briefing

October 6th 1:00 - 2:00PM (ET)

Keeping up with regulatory changes has become a daunting challenge for community banks and credit unions. The RegAdvisor Quarterly Briefing session will help ease the effort required to analyze and track the all the recent changes. This online session is presented by Pam Perdue, a compliance expert and former federal examiner. Pam will provide practical insights on what the most recent regulations mean to an institution, assess the workload you can expect and critical actions to avoid potential penalties.

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