RegAdvisor is a complimentary education service we make available to all financial institutions to help them stay informed of relevant regulatory changes from Washington. 

Every day, the compliance experts in Continuity’s Regulatory Operations Center™ (ROC) monitor the issuance of regulations, bulletins, guidance documents, etc., from various databases, including the Federal Register (FR). Every issuance is reviewed and processed to determine its impact on banks and credit unions.

There are three ways you can access this information:

RegAdvisor Subscription

You can subscribe to a free quarterly RegAdvisor email newsletter. In each issue, we do a deeper dive into “hot topic” subject areas and recap some of the compliance questions we’ve received from our clients.

RegAdvisor Webinars

You can attend quarterly webinars where you'll spend 60 minutes with our compliance experts as we review the last quarter's regulatory updates and preview what to expect in the coming months.  In this webinar you will find:   

  • A Complete Regulatory Review - Because the ROC monitors all agencies, this review will provide a comprehensive list of items to ensure you don't miss a thing.
  • Time Saving Advice - Practical tips will provide you with the insights to use your time in the most efficient way.
  • Cost Savings - Other quarterly reviews of this type can cost up to $1,000 a year, but with RegAdvisor, the knowledge is free.

Subscribing to the newsletter will ensure you receive invitations to our RegAdvisor Quarterly Briefing webinars.

RegAdvisor Alerts

For our Compliance Core clients, we provide detailed RegAdvisor Alerts as regulatory changes happen. These are delivered directly to the individual(s) in each institution who have responsibility for the regulatory area being covered in the Alert. RegAdvisor Alerts provide our analysis, as well as specific recommended action items. There is no need for our clients to read and interpret the issuance, or to spend time deciding how their institution is affected and what action should be taken. The Compliance Core handles that in real time.

If you would like more information on the Compliance Core, please click LiveChat or complete the contact form below.