Compliance shouldn’t be a burden.

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  • Frees up to 90% of regulatory staff time for higher value work tasks
  • Eliminates the need to research new issuances
  • Reduces mistakes and minimizes human error
  • Provides complete, visible audit trail for reporting and examiners
  • Continuity analyzes regulatory changes and delivers a succinct summary 
  • Federal Register monitored daily for new issuances
  • Changes interpreted and delivered as actionable tasks
  • Pre-built procedures for policy review, updates, board approval, and attestation
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  • Easily create activity reports, exception reports, and examiner reports
  • Extract data simply and efficiently
  • Get instant access to compliance and regulatory experts
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“There has not been an instance where I anticipated a RegPlan that I did not receive. That helps give me the ongoing confidence that everything that is applicable to our bank is being drilled down by Continuity and released through RegAdvisorPro."

—Morgan Beck, Senior Accountant and Compliance Officer, Security Bank

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The Numbers
90% Statistic
Cut the Compliance clutter by over 90%.
Reduce time spent interpreting regulations by 70%.
Cut your Regulatory Compliance cost by more than half.