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Great careers are built doing great things and Continuity offers that rare opportunity.  A job at Continuity is unlike any that you've ever had. You'll be challenged to be better. Pushed to imagine new ways to do things. And you'll be proud to be part of a mission bigger than yourself while working at a Hartford Business Journals Best Places To Work in Connecticut.

Our nation's 14,000+ community banks and credit unions fund more than 60% of all small business loans. But while they're doing this, they're under siege from regulations on every aspect of their business. Continuity is here to help them through innovation, and in turn, save the industry. We must eliminate the regulatory burden so that thousands of communities can continue banking locally and prospering.

We are a company of inventors, dreamers and builders with a singular focus on innovating solutions to this problem. Regardless of your role at Continuity, we expect and demand critical thinking and solutions-oriented perspectives. We encourage and expect everyone on our team, from developers, to compliance professionals, to marketing or finance professionals, to seek out better ways to do everything.

That culture makes us better while letting us better serve the industry. Innovation is a responsibility borne by everyone, and we all share in the joy and privilege of being able to help our customers as we deliver our mission.


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