Andy Greenawalt Linkedin_16

Co-Founder and CEO

Andy has been dubbed a “technology guru” for his innovative thinking and uncanny ability to simplify complex processes and build a vision of tomorrow - today. As the founder and CTO of Perimeter eSecurity, a role he held for 10 years, Andy invented security in the cloud and pioneered it as a service industry. His experience at Perimeter gave him insight to the compliance burden that community financial institutions face, and inspired him to develop a solution to solve this growing problem. As the founder and CEO of Continuity Control, Andy has applied his passion for technology and constructed an award-winning solution to simplify the work of compliance. Andy is currently the President of Gnostic Ventures, a company that advises on security investments, speaks on SaaS and the creation of value, and invests in SaaS companies. He studied philosophy and linguistics at UMass Amherst and is an Entrepreneur Partner at CTech.

Bob Michaud Linkedin_16

EVP, Client Operations

Bob’s broad banking and IT experience spans over 30 years and includes several management positions, most notably Senior Vice President at Fiserv, Inc. While at Fiserv, Bob led an experienced team for the audit, risk and compliance group of Bank Solutions and consistently met & exceeded the regulatory requirements for the account processing division, including 9 Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements, 19 SOC engagements and 15 FFIEC exams annually. He is known for driving efficiencies in productivity, IT security, risk management and internal/external customer satisfaction. Bob has an expert understanding of banking operations, compliance and regulations and excels in delivering solutions with a measurable ROI. He is a polished presenter speaking at many banking events including Fiserv Forum, regional conferences, security conferences, and BAI conferences.

David Wilcox Linkedin_16

EVP, Sales/Business Development

Dave’s broad sales experience spans over 20 years and includes positions held as account executive, executive sales manager, and most notably Senior Vice President at Fiserv, Inc. While at Fiserv, Dave developed and managed four sales forces and consistently exceeded his annual sales goals. His result-driven focus is on developing highly effective sales teams that implement successful tactics by driving advantageous product, pricing, and marketing strategy. Dave is celebrated as a dynamic leader with solid business acumen and the ability to train and motivate while focusing on building consensus internally, with prospects, clients and business partners. Dave is one of the primary driving forces behind Continuity Control and is recognized for his aptitude to form productive partnerships, orchestrate “C-level” sales and for his expertise in relationship management.

Jason Miceli Linkedin_16 

SVP, Product

Jason is a User Experience (UX) professional with 15+ years experience leading Product Management, Project Management and Operations. He served as President of ProductCamp Boston for several years and is an active industry leader, writing articles for security magazines and presenting on emerging tech topics at Bentley University, BostonCHI, and other conferences.  Prior to joining the company, Jason led Product and Project Management at several companies including Perimeter eSecurity, where he and his team grew a portfolio of 50+ products blending security technology with professional services.  On the side, Jason has directed full length musicals, created video productions, and even designed card games.  It is the blending of Jason's creative side with his business acumen that enables him to uniquely operate at both the strategic and tactical level, focusing always on his personal mission to "Create the Extraordinary".

Jim Kisch Linkedin_16

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

In his career as a banker, Jim has served as the CEO of Business IQ, President of the MBA Consulting Group and CTO for the Minnesota Bankers Association. Further, Jim’s experience includes time spent as a bank CFO, CIO and as an instructor at the Graduate School of Banking, Colorado and Wisconsin. With more than 20 years of experience in the banking industry, Jim brings his insider’s perspective to the challenge of reducing the compliance burden. His intimate industry knowledge makes him a key part to the success of Continuity Control as our Chief Banker-in-Residence. A broad banking background gives Jim profound insight to the banker’s mindset which has been paramount in keeping Continuity Control in sync with the needs of financial institutions. Jim speaks and educates about banking operations at numerous banking programs. He holds a B.S. in Economics from U of M - Minneapolis and a degree from the Graduate School of Banking, UW-Madison.

Joel Nimety Linkedin_16

SVP, Engineering

Joel’s experience spans over 10 years in software architecture. Before joining Continuity Control, he was a Sr. Product Architect at Perimeter eSecurity. While at Perimeter, Joel designed and administered the Perimeter Email Gateway, and authored MailSafe, a transparent encrypted email solution. In his role as the SVP of Engineering, Joel has led a team of engineers through the development and implementation of Continuity Control and its primary infrastructure. Further, he has introduced fully automated systems to integrate operations, including a migration to the Ruby on Rails platform and Amazon Web Services. Joel’s wealth of knowledge and understanding of software engineering and agile development gives the company a core advantage which guarantees superior performance and security. Joel carries a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, is an active Open Source advocate and contributor, and is a co-founder and co-organizer of and NewHaven.rb.

Lori Moore, CRCM Linkedin_16

VP, Regulatory Intelligence

During Lori's 29 years of experience in the community banking industry she's served in key positions for both small and large community banks, providing practical experience and extensive, in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the industry. Prior to joining Continuity, Lori served as Director of Compliance for ATTUS Technologies (CSI) for seven years. She has designed, developed and implemented audit and compliance programs, written numerous white papers and articles covering multiple regulatory compliance topics and regularly presents Webinars and instructor led sessions at various conferences. With a strong understanding of the overwhelming responsibility and challenges faced by risk management and compliance professionals today, Lori enjoys interacting with and assisting others. She thrives on the challenge of keeping up with the seemingly never-ending stream of regulatory changes.  

Marnie Keller Linkedin_16

VP, Partners and Alliances

Marnie’s versatile background in channel sales, relationship management, product marketing and marketing strategies fuel her ability to oversee Continuity’s partnership program. Her insights on channel programs in the financial services sector lend an important overlay to Continuity’s overall sales strategy and presence in the marketplace. Prior to joining Continuity, Marnie served as Vice President of Relationship Management and Channel Development for Quatrro Risk Management, and as Director, Channel Sales and Marketing for the cbanc Network. She started her career in the financial services industry at the Independent Community Bankers of America in roles as both Director of State Relations and Director of eMarketing and Brand Strategy.

Pam Perdue Linkedin_16

EVP, Regulatory Insight

Pam is a distinguished regulatory expert with over 20 years of experience in compliance. In her career, Pam has served as a chief compliance officer, an educator and consultant for regional and national organizations, and as a Senior Examiner with the Federal Reserve. Her extensive knowledge of compliance, both as a consultant and an examiner, has made her an essential component to the success of Continuity Control as the Chief Compliance Strategist. Pam’s expertise enables her to swiftly decipher regulatory items, analyzing whether, and how, they pertain to each financial institution. Pam routinely speaks at banking conferences, symposia and compliance schools. Her insight and passion for the mission at hand are key to successfully guiding our Strategist team. She is an alumnus of The Ohio State University and holds certifications from the American Institute of Banking and the Dearborn Financial Institute and has completed the rigorous Federal Reserve System Examiner Commissioning Program, equivalent to a banking M.B.A.